Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

Valerie Pfundstein

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Publication Date:  November 12, 2012
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The Mom's Choice Awards® named Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood among the best in family-friendly media, products and services with a Gold award in Children's Picture Books: Poetry.

Product Details:
Reading Level: Ages 5 and up
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0983718611

Author: Valerie Pfundstein

Illustrator: Aaron Anderson

Editor: Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

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Valerie Pfundstein wrote Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood to show her appreciation for the veterans in her life, those who have selflessly served our country and protected our freedom. Novanglus Publishing would like to extend this opportunity for all Americans to communicate your gratitude to a veteran in your own life—someone who is your hero.

We invite you to celebrate your hero in words and image in our Heroes in My Neighborhood photo album. Please stop back to learn about your neighbors' heroes. 

Please upload a photo of and information (on my timeline) about the serviceman or servicewoman you would like to honor, and they will be collected in this group for us to enjoy.

Book Description: After learning about veterans in school, a young boy discovers that heroes live all around him: the butcher, barber, librarian, and many other members of his community who have helped protect our freedom and liberty by serving in various branches of the American military. Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood is an engaging rhyming picture book for readers of all ages that fosters mindfulness of and appreciation for the brave service men and women who are also our family, friends, and neighbors.

Our Committment to Making a Difference:

Novanglus Publishing will donate 10% of profits from Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood to Hope For The Warriors®. A national,nonprofit organization, Hope For The Warriors® restores a sense of self, restores the family unit, and restores hope for combat wounded service members, their families, and families of the fallen. For more information about this organization, please visit our Charity page.


“It is so important for this generation to understand what past generations have sacrificed for their freedoms and this book teaches exactly that.”—Brian Kilmeade, Fox & Friends co-host, Fox News Channel; Kilmeade and Friends host, FOX News Radio

Book Foreword: Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood makes us more aware and appreciative of our everyday surroundings. Though most veterans rarely acknowledge their military service, this book reveals these brave people who live and work among us. When author Valerie Pfundstein, who lives nearby with her family and whose husband, a firefighter in the engine company at the same fire house at which I was captain—told me she was inspired to honor family, neighbors, and friends who are veterans, I knew it was also a crucial opportunity to teach the next generation what it means to serve our country. The people commemorated in this book did, some of them having made the ultimate sacrifice so others could live free.—John T. Vigiano, Sr. United States Marine Corps, 1957–1962/1963–1966; Captain, Fire Department of New York, 1962–1998

"Long Island Teacher Writes Children's Book About Veterans" —Brittany Wait, Newsday article, Sunday, September 16, 2012

As a child, my father proudly shared stories of relatives who had served America during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and we had family friends who were WWI veterans. When I came of age, most of my family, friends, and I served during World War II. Later, two of my children served in the military. We all owe so much to the millions of men and women who, through the years, have helped to keep us safe and free. I’m so pleased that Valerie Pfundstein has written this book, which will help young people understand the service and sacrifices made by other Americans. No one should ever be forgotten—especially our service people who have kept this country the Home of the Brave.—Edna Heine Coby, librarian featured in Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

Author: Valerie Pfundstein: The debut author of Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood, Valerie Pfundstein is a kindergarten support specialist who teaches reading, writing, music, art, and library skills. She graduated from St. John’s University, Queen’s campus, and earned a Master of Science in Elementary Education with Distinction from the New York Institute of Technology. CONTINUE READING

Few of us will ever witness an act of valor, yet we walk among heroes who perform them every day—not in military uniform or wearing their medals, but while serving our communities as teachers, firefighters, mail carriers. Veterans are our neighbors, family, and friends. Although humble, these heroes deserve our appreciation for their service to our country. I hope this book will encourage readers of all ages to enjoy our freedoms and to thank the men and women who have preserved those freedoms for all of us. —Valerie Pfundstein, author of Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood.

Illustrator: Aaron Anderson: Aaron’s love of drawing covered his childhood walls and lead to a BFA in illustration from Utah Valley University. His illustrations have appeared in the publications of various editorial and educational companies and he has worked as a concept artist for a children’s video game publisher. Aaron’s illustration style lends itself to adventurous, lively, and humorous themes. This project has provided an opportunity to dig deeper. According to Aaron, “My brother was in the Air Guard, my stepdad was in the army, and my grandpa was a pilot during World War II. Illustrating Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood has allowed me to convey my thanks to them and to all the men and women who have served our country.” Aaron is also most grateful to be able to live his passion and bring his visions to life with his illustrating. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his beautiful and loving wife. This is his first book.

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